Genre: Comedy
Production Companies: Parallel Media, A Mark-Entertainment, Flip Zide Pictures, Los Angeles production Company Project 8 Films
Directors: J.B. Rogers
Producers: Warren Zide, 
 Raymond J. Markovich
Los Angeles – Producers Jason Loughridge

Actors: Matthew Lillard, Brett Davern, Rachelle Lefevre, Efren Ramirez, Tom Arnold
Distributed by: 7 Arts Pictures


A funny, colorful, and surprisingly smart comedy, the Pool Boys tells the story of Alex Sperling, Harvard-bound valedictorian, who loses his summer internship and heads to Los Angeles to work for his charming and successful cousin Roger. Unfortunately, Roger isn’t quite the accomplished businessman he’s made himself out to be– he actually dropped out of Harvard, and now works as a pool boy. A series of mishaps force Alex and Roger to squat in the stunning mansion of one of Roger’s clients, where they join forces with Laura, a local escort, to start an escort business. The company grows like wildfire as Alex and Roger get caught in more and more hilarious situations, from shotgun-wielding celebrities to bar mitzvahs to sadistic lesbian businesswomen, finally culminating in one giant party… but when Alex’s parents and their Harvard-alumni friends show up, they have to turn the bash into a Harvard event in order to save both the business and Alex’s future.


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